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LionsDen, Creative and SkyBlock each have Donator Positions* and upgrades** available for a better game experience!***

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* These donator positions are a Thank You for keeping the community servers paid for
** The previous position is required before getting the next one, except Citizen!
*** Donations help to pay for better servers hardware! MORE RAM! FASTER CPU! BIGGER WORLDS





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You can own a piece of MineCats and keep it in your closet! Or your drawer! Or even on the floor... because I know that's where you keep your favorite clean clothes ready to wear again tomorrow!




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If you see them in game, Thank them! They've helped to give you a GREAT place to play!








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Yeah, this cool glowy graph, it's shows how much of the servers are being paid by you wonderful folks! Thank You for being so awesome!



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Trending Donations
Defender - LionsDen • 17.00 USD
Patriot - LionsDen • 10.00 USD
Citizen - LionsDen - • 5.00 USD
Citizen - Creative • 5.00 USD
Citizen - LionsDen - • 5.00 USD
Much Wow! Such Goal!

178 / 300 USD (59%)

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July Donation Goal


Now, our July goal for August:
This goal will affect LionsDen, SkyBlock (Islands) and Creative! All donations from The Minecats Store will go towards this goal. Because Creative has the rewards LionsDen and SkyBlock will receive, separate rewards will be given to Creative. If we meet the first part of the goal, the first reward will be given on August first. When we meet the full goal, both the first and second rewards will be given on August first.

The goals:
LionsDen and SkyBlock Islands; everyone will receive /jump (/j / /jumpto)
Creative; Villager+ will receive limited WorldEdit.
LionsDen and SkyBlock Islands; everyone will receive /fly
Creative; Guilds will be added, again Villager+ - More caveats below.

All real donations will count towards these goals. Coupons are not considered donations. For the full goal, $300+ cumulative must be donated before July 30, 11:59pm Eastern US time. (To clarify, it is $300 total, not $200 + $300)



(The goal below states $290, however this is due to $10 in donations prior to this goal being created)

168 / 290 USD (57%)